My name is Ned Benvin. I was born in Northern Dalmatia, Croatia. At 12 I sang in church quire, at 13 got organ lessons from a nun,
at 13 self tought to play guitar, at 14 played my first gig, at 17 formed the band "Otocani" (Islanders), one of the first Rock and Roll
band in former Yugoslavia. Band lasted for over 10 years. At 27 I immigrated to USA. In NYC I played with bands "The Adriatics", Kristali"
and "3Kantuna Band". In 2001. I retired and having good time with my grandkids.

"Party on your mind? Try music that will bring back good times and great memories. Show your guests that Croatian folk music can be a pleasure to listen and great music to dance along, No strange rhythms. No lyrics at all. Just dance medleys
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Did you know that Croatian models are recognized around the World as the best models in the industry? Beautiful, smart, intelligent and above all professional, they are sought from Paris to Rome to Hollywood.
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Croatians had always been a force in football (or soccer) and so were Croatian fans. What apparently changed lately is the ladies force. Croatian women got involved in soccer in a major way.
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My Gallery
During my music career, I met many great musicians and friends. With their help, I managed to get enough pictures to put
together this short slideshow. Our love for music took us to many countries and interesting places. Beside visiting many places
in Croatia we visited Venice and Ancona in Italy, Athens, Rhodos, Thessalonica in Greece, Haifa in Israel, Kusadasi and Istambul
in Turkey, Odessa in USSR, Varna in Rumania, went thru Korint's channel. In USA and Canada we visited, Las Vegas, LA, San Pedro,
then Hamilton, Toronto and Windsor. We played in all major catering halls and Croatian clubs throughout the NY tristate area.
Great time, folks. Thanks for watching.

Island of vitality
Happy Music
If you are looking for music to make you feel happy, this is the CD for you. No matter where you are from in Croatia, there is a song here that you will recognize. The music will make you want to dance........even if you don't have a partner! This CD definitely deserves the 5 star rating that I gave it. Thumbs up! Bravo!
Great CD
The music is excellent and the service was fantastic. Thank you! I enjoy listening to it every day.
Nevenka Slabic
It will make you feel like dancingi
Excellent choice.This is a wonderful CD for someone who is looking for an upbeat modern version of the more traditional sounds. You will feel like dancing all the way back to the old country for a visit. Great background music for entertaining. I will probably at some point hire the band. This music appeals to all ages and can be appreciated by all ethnic groups. Two thumbs up !!! A+++ I bought two sets. One for home and one to give to my Croatian parents. Love them!!!
Lee Erica
Music that make's you feel young again!
Frist let me say thank you Ned for the excellent work that you have done to make these cd's. I have enjoyed listening to these cd's over and over.. The only bad thing about the cd's is that I will have to give them up because they are my mother's Christmas present... I look foward to the CFP 3 cd. Let me know when you have it ready for sale.... Happy Holiday's Everyone!!!
John M (Tomich Family)
A Nice New Arrangement of the Old Standards
A great compilation of the old songs my grandparents used to sing and teach us grandkids. The use of Roland synthesizers made the music even more dynamic.
George G
Thank you for the excellent service and the music is as well. It brings back some special memories
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